Thurston County Water Purveyor Technical Work Group


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Forcasted Water Supply Presentation 6/7/19

An Overview of Water Rights in WRIAs 13 and 14 6/7/19

Review of Water Issues in the 2019 Legislative Session 6/7/19

Washington Hydrogeology Symposium Streamflow Restoration Panel Presentation 4/5/19

WRIA 11 Plan Addendum Overview 4/5/19

Department of Health, Office of Drinking Water: Disinfection By-Product Formation Study - Initial Conclusions & Action Items 4/5/19

Chlorine Residual Monitoring Lab Skills Presentation by DOH Office of Drinking Water Kay Rottell 6/8/18

ESSB 6091:  The Department of Ecology's Initial Policy Interpretations 4/6/18

Importance of the Hirst and Foster Supreme Court Ruling to Water Utilities 4/7/17

WAC Revision Fact Sheets 4/7/17

Water Availability, Land Use and Hirst Decision 4/7/17

Presention on Water Law Cases and Issues John Kounts 10/07/16

So You want to Drill A Well Presentation 10/07/16

Water Rights 101 Presentation By Tom McDonald 10/07/16

WWUC Letter RE Water System Consolidation Water Rights Risk Mgmt 05/16/16

Lead In the Spotlight for Thurston County Purveyors 6_10_2016

Foster vs Yelm Supreme Court decision

Municipal Water Law Policy 2030 and City of Centralia Appeal to PCHB - T

Revised Total Coliform Rule April 2016 PUD 4-6-2016


Level 1 Assessment Template DOH 331-569

Level 2 Assessment Template DOH 331-570

John Kounts Update on Legislative and Legal Issues

River Flow Levels in SWRO Rivers - June 12, 2015 Meeting

Update on SWRO Water Rights Decisions - June 12, 2015 Meeting

Lacey, Olympia, & Yelm Mitigation Strategy - To Meet Municipal Water Needs, Next 20-40 Years

All Hazards Earthquake Damage and Recovery (For October 10, 2014 meeting)

April 11, 2014: Water Utility & Earthquakes

June 13 2014: Water Purveyor Meeting Information

Stakeholder Meeting Handout June 13, 2014

Department of Ecology Cost Reimbursement Process Presentation


WA WARN Mutual Aid Information:

Washington WARN (Washington's Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network) web site

WA WARN Agreement Information Sheet

WA WARN Brochure

WA WARN Response Network Informational Sheet

WA WARN Mutual Aid Agreement


Office of Drinking Water Information:

WA State Department of Health Sanitary Survey Fee Change

Does the Northwest have a higher incidence of Multiple Sclerosis, and is it based on our water?