Smart Irrigation Rebate

Weather-based irrigation controllers can reduce water waste and lower utility bills. The smart controller automatically adjusts the watering schedule based on the local weather data, soil, and plant types to create a customized water schedule. 

Irrigation control technologies can significantly reduce overwatering by applying water only when plants need it. The EPA estimates that up to 50% of irrigation water is overwatering.

Thurston PUD will offer residential customers a rebate of $50 towards the purchase price of a qualifying WaterSense smart irrigation controller and/or add-on plug-in device. Rebates are limited - rebates will be awarded on a first come-first served basis.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  1. Smart controller and/or add-on plug-in must be included on the EPA’s WaterSense Product Search Page.

  2. Proof of purchase of controllers that do not have smart technology built in must be paired with the proof of purchase of a compatible WaterSense labelled plug-in or add-on.

  3. The name on the rebate application must be associated with an active Thurston PUD water account.

Irrigation controllers without smart technology or weather sensor added on or plugged in will not be eligible for rebate.


How do I apply for this rebate?

  1. Complete the Smart Irrigation Rebate Application here.

  2. Forward your copy of the purchase receipt to

  3. Applications will be reviewed by staff and customers will be notified within two weeks if application was approved or if further documentation is needed.

  4. Once approved, the $50 rebate will be applied to your account within eight (8) weeks.

Applications are only accepted AFTER product installation. This will be confirmed by review of customer consumption history.