Information for Customers on Wait List for Water Availability on the Timberline Village Water System


Previous correspondence regarding water availability on the Timberline Village Water System is below. Future correspondence will be added to this webpage so it remains a resource for information for property owners.



Letter from Department of Ecology 03/30/2023

Presentation - Update to Property Owners on the Timberline Village WS 01/05/2023

Letter O. Smitherman-Ecology SWRO 12/29/2022

Letter Update to Customers Waiting for a Connection - Timberline Village 11/04/2022

DOH and Ecology Letters Timberline 10/05/2022

Timberline Village Capacity Analysis 05/23/2022

Letter to Jocelyn Gray DOH RE Timberline Village Capacity Analysis 05/19/2022

Letter Final to Timberline Village - Water Availability Applicants 12/08/2020